Indoor air quality

When you think about home comfort, chances are your first thought is probably not indoor air quality. Many people believe keeping their home cool in the summer and warm in the winter equals a comfortable home.

While this is true, it’s only part of total home comfort. Did you know that indoor pollutants and poor air quality inside your home can cause illness for you and your family?

It’s true. Not only can poor air quality irritate allergy and asthma symptoms, it can lead to dizziness, headaches, sore throats, fatigue, and other respiratory issues for you and your family.

What does poor air quality mean?

Many factors contribute to poor indoor air quality (IAQ). These include issues such as mold, pollen, dirt, second-hand smoke, pet dander, poor house ventilation, carbon monoxide and carbon dioxide.

When dust and other irritants build up, it can make allergy and asthma symptoms worse. If you’ve noticed you or your loved ones feeling unhealthy at home, you may have poor air quality.

Fortunately, At Your Service Heating and Cooling offers many solutions to help restore quality air in hour home.

Our indoor air quality services include:

  • uV lights

  • Air duct cleaning

  • Air duct sealing

  • Air duct testing

  • High performance filtration

  • Whole house sealing

  • Whole house testing

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