Heat pumps

While heat pumps have become more efficient in recent years, some people are still confused on how they work.

In basic terms, they are called heat pumps because they “move heat”. So, during winter months, a heat pump will pump, or take, heat from the outside air and move it inside your home or office.  During the warm summer months, the process is reversed to move heat outdoors.

With traditional HVAC setups, separate units are needed to heat and cool. Because a single heat pump is used to heat and cool, it offers a major advantage over a standard  HVAC unit. Plus, heat pumps use electricity to move heat instead of burning gas, making them a greener and more energy efficient alternative.

As with traditional HVAC units, there are many factors when choosing a heat pump. Considerations include efficiency ratings, multi-zone setups that allow for independent room control, two-speed compressors, and variable speed motor options.

In many cases, heat pumps are a great alternative in moderate winter climates such as northern California.

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