Mini split air conditioning, sometimes called ductless air conditioning, offers a split design. That means a mini split AC unit can be installed without opening walls and installing ducts.

Similar to a traditional central air conditioning unit, the mini split has a unit inside the home that handles the indoor air (an evaporator) and an outdoor compressor unit (a condenser). There is a small line that connects the two units, usually called a line sets. These line sets contain the power line, refrigerant tubing, and condensate drain.

Mini Split Air Conditioning

Because these systems are ductless, they offer flexibility in design and can be used for individual rooms. They can also be mounted to the wall or ceiling and multiple units can be used separate of one another. Another key advantage of mini split air conditioning is that it is more energy efficient since it avoids air loss through the ducts.

mini split air conditioning

Indoor units can be wall or ceiling mounted. Ductless splits can be used to cool one zone or multiple zones applying two to four indoor units to one condenser  the indoor units can all be used independently of each other. Also, each split air conditioner can have it’s own thermostat control letting you cool specific rooms when you choose.

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